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Application & Payments


2 forms of payment and application
Due to a problem on my website, we will use this for now, hopefully for a couple of days.
Print this page or copy to your email and send to me.

If you need any help call me Lois Taylor 706-843-9188 or email

Maine Made Crafts/ Show Application Mailing Form
Apply for as many shows as you want, add all places & dates on 1 application,
(As long as you want all the same sizes, etc.)
Mail & Make check out to Lois Taylor, 209 Oxford Dr. Thomson, GA 30824
(Checks must reach me 3 weeks before a show or you must pay with a C/C or bank certified check)

Place to be Held:__________________________________Date(s):_______________________________




Phone:__________________________Cell:_____________________ Text?_yes or no_______________

Email address:_________________________________________________________________________

Web Page:____________________________________________________________________________

Web Page info wanted:____________________

Space Size:_________________________Corner:___________Tables:____________Chairs:__________

Wall:__________Electric:_____________Total Amount Due:___________________________________


I agree to assume full responsibility for my property I will bring onto the premises & I WILL NOT hold NEW ENGLAND CRAFT FAIRS.MAINE MADE CRAFTS, LOIS, THOMAS, STEVEN TAYLOR OR DEBRA BUBIER OR anyone else responsible for damages, personal injury, customer turnout, sales, or theft, that may occur before, during, or after, this exhibit. This application becomes a contract upon acceptance to the show. Payments are non-refundable or transferable. Signature designates the exhibitor has read all pages of this contract and agrees to the above terms and conditions, along with the attached rules and regulations governing the shows. Once accepted (check cashed, C/C, PayPal charged or any other form of payment) I understand all fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and have signed to that fact. If payment is made in another persons name they must sign also.


Make of Car:____________________________Truck:________________________________________ Color__________________________________Plate #:_______________________________________


 Credit Card Authorization

Maine Made Crafts
By authorizing you understand there are no refunds due
to postponed craft shows
Name on card:____________________________________
Card #:__________________________________________
Billing Zip Code:___________________________________
CVV# 3 #s on back of card___________________________
CVV# AM/EX: 4#s numbers on front___________________

I authorize Maine Made Crafts/, Lois Taylor to charge my card in the total of $________________________
send to

print this page or copy to your email

Print this page or copy to your email and send to me.